Sports exercise and its health benefits

Movement is a biological need of the body, something we often forget nowadays. The combination of diet and regular exercise is the best cure for the diseases of our time. Exercise lowers cholesterol levels, reduces insulin resistance in cells and balances blood pressure. They have a very beneficial effect on the digestive and genitourinary systems and the skeletal system. They allow us to maintain a slim and athletic figure.

During exercise, endorphins (a compound produced by the pituitary gland) known as the happy hormone or the world’s healthiest drug, are secreted, causing feelings of contentment and well-being. Endorphins reduce stress and slow down the ageing process. Physical exertion also stimulates the release of serotonin (the love hormone) – responsible for excellent mood, good sleep and energy levels. Through exercise, we increase dopamine levels, thereby reducing feelings of hunger.

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Slimming exercises
for everyone

Exercise in itself does not reduce fat tissue. The effect of exercise is to increase muscle tissue mass, at which point growth hormone begins to stimulate muscle development and burns fat at the same time. Muscle tissue is very much needed during weight loss.

For people losing weight, moderate-intensity but prolonged exercise is advisable, allowing more stored fat to be burned. The best forms of endurance training – fast walking, water exercises, Nordic walking, dancing, cycling.

The exercise programme that we have developed and offer you includes:

  • nordic walking – 90 min.,
  • fitness –  45 min.,
  • water aerobics – 45 min.,
  • body ball – 30 min.,
  • stretching – 30 min.,
  • morning warm-up – 15min.

The classes are conducted for selected fitness groups by experienced and highly qualified instructors (graduates of the University of Physical Education). The classes are held every day (except for Saturday). In addition to the basic programme, we also offer other types of exercise such as pilates, yoga, zumba and disco dancing in our café.

program sportowy ikona stretching


Stretching exercises increase muscle flexibility and endurance and improve joint mobility. It is recommended to perform static stretch: gradual muscle stretching alternated with relaxation phases.

program sportowy ikona body ball


Exercises using balls. The exercise requires balance, thus tensioning all the muscles (of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and the spine). The exercises result in stretched and strengthened muscles.

program sportowy ikona nordic walking


Walking with the poles concurrently trains the legs, hips and your upper torso: arms, shoulders, chest muscles and your spine. Calorie burning is 20% higher than in the case of running. Fast-paced march activates the same muscle groups as in the case of running, however, without putting excess strain on your ankle and knee joints. Nordic walking firms your thighs, calves and buttocks. It facilitates fat burning and body weight reduction. Marching increases your lung capacity and is also suitable for people with circulatory failure. One and a half hours of marching makes you lose around 600–650 calories.

program sportowy ikona gimnastyka


Simple, not very strenuous exercise. Fully recommended for people who have not practiced any sports for a long time. Changeable pace of the exercises and varied fitness positions accompanied by suitable music that motivates you to go on, make you generally more fit. Fitness exercise improves the flexibility and strength of your joints and makes your leg muscles more elastic. 45 minutes of fitness make you lose around 250 calories.

program sportowy ikona aqua aerobic


It is a combination of relaxation with shaping thighs, firm buttocks, straight back and slender waist. The benefit of exercising in a pool is a combination of load reduction with the natural resistance of water. This is a perfect class for obese people, those who experience circulatory problems and are not really fit. Water aerobics increases joint mobility, muscle, tendon and ligament flexibility and suppleness of the entire body. In addition, it facilitates weight and cellulite reduction, makes your body svelte and improves your mood. After 45 minutes of exercise, you can lose around 400–450 calories.